Our mission

We introduce ourselves as a team of people who wants to give their own contribution in the world of science, in its development. We want to help „Young Scientists” in presenting for a broad range of its scientific mission. You are a PhD student, a doctor of science or You are just going to start your career in research? Great place you’ve came! Don’t write for yourself! Do you have something interesting that might be interested in such enthusiasts like you? Let them listen, evaluate and comment! Each presentation requires discussion, what we encourage you. Not only that, you will acquire new experiences, meet interesting people, you can also discover new, interesting point of view.

Another very important element is to enable for young people direct contact with business, industry and the incarnation of the vision of „Young Scientist” in the sphere of practical application. In order to study and carry out the experiments made ​​sense, they should be used in practice. We want to confront your scientific observations of the currently existing state of the economy.

We are organising conferences, both national and international enabling participants to present their scientific achievements, insights as well as visions, and additionally publish it in the form of a scientific publication. The diverse topics of the conference is a chance that everyone will find something for them. We are operating throughout the whole country, with particular emphasis the largest academic centers.

We are a team of young, educated and ambitious people for whom science and meeting with her is something like a passion and addiction. The question of third cycle is known to us because we know from our experience how much effort and dedication is required for academic career.